Monday, September 23, 2013

Throughout my career as an animator, and having to rig my own characters...I've become somewhat proficient (IMHO) at rigging.

I watched Jeff Brodsky's (Character Technical Director at Disney) elephant trunk rig demo and I was so impressed that I decided to take a weekend and recreate it in 3DS Max (thanks to Jeff for answering some quick questions I had about his setup too).

I love the ingenious thinking that went into creating the rig as it shows the true artistry that can be found in rigging. The rig (simple to use....somewhat complex under the hood) behaves almost like it's magic! I may post the rig so people can play with/learn from it too.


You can watch Jeff Brodsky's original demo here:

Now I need to go and animate an elephant!!!


  1. That is awesome bro, really nice to see that inside 3dsmax!

    I´ve just released a FREE Softimage ICE version for that same system =]

    So cool to recreate it, isn´t it?

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