About Me

Boy you must be bored to be reading this......

I was raised in the village of Kenduskeag, Maine.  Growing up I doodled constantly,  "Charlie Brown and Peanuts" was my first topic of constant sketching followed by "Garfield", then "Transformers".  My first art experience was as an editorial cartoonist for my Central High School newspaper.  I got a job at Hoyt's Bangor Mall Cinemas while in high school where you can still see some caricatures of different actors I painted on the windows.

Then I decided to go to University of Maine, during which doodling Batman became my thing.  After earning a Liberal Studies Associates I picked Mechanical Engineering Technology as my major. I also got my first paying art gig as a comic strip artist for the campus newspaper.  (3 bucks a strip, 3 a week)  Before I graduated I decided to try to break into the comic book industry. (Because, hey...that should be easy) I actually managed to get 1 comic book published and on a few shelves with the help of Bill Renfro (inker/painter) and Chad Lewis (writer).  Of course this was after completing 4 complete books that never saw the light of day.  Oh well.

At this point I earned my MET degree and I was starting to get hungry, (from having no money) so I left my job of 8 years at the movie theater and moved to Phoenix, AZ to find engineering work.  While interviewing for engineering jobs, I saw a commercial for the Art Institute of Phoenix's Computer Animation Program.  It sounded like fun so I decided to enroll and try to combine my passion and my career (art had always been fun to me while engineering was work).

After earning my Computer Animation degree I was lucky to land a job at Cinematix Studios where I was an animator for the Revenant computer game.  After completing Revenant I got a job at another Phoenix based company Rainbow Studios where I've done all aspect of the computer animation process on various television and video game projects.

Rainbow was then bought out by THQ who decided they didn't need an animation division so I and a bunch of other artists were given our walking papers.  I instantly got a job working at Realm Interactive working on their game eXarch.  I then moved to beautiful Northern California where I worked at Crystal Dynamics animating for their games.  I also had to switch from being a 3D Studio Max animator to a Maya animator.

Leaving Lara Croft and Crystal D, I moved to warm and sunny Los Angeles California to work at Super 78.  While there, I got to work on these great and wacky Twisted Whisker shorts.  I then did some work on some Nickelodeon (Shredderman Rules!)  and Cartoon Network (Ben 10: Race Against Time) movies before moving to Baltimore, Maryland to work at Day 1 Studios once again doing video game animation for their new game Fracture.

I'm the happiest kid in the world!!!!


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  2. Hey man I am trying to use tween machine ofr max 2013 and it seems is not working, I just wonder if you have created an updated version thanks

  3. Hey man, I'm searching a twinmachine on 3dsmax! Unfortunatly, your link doesn't work anymore... :(
    Do you have something new? or an other link to load it?? plzzz

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  5. no doubt I must be bored. btw - every so often rap music comes up in conversation and I casually admit that I am a fan of the ghetto boys. Hope you doing well old friend.