Demo Reel

Responsibilities/ Break Down Details

**All the animation done by me**
00:00 Do You Wanna Kill the Batman Dialogue Acting Exercise.  Characters designed, modeled, rigged and textured by me. I also lit and rendered the scene.3DS Max
00:17 Whiz Palace Dialogue Acting Exercise.  Characters designed, modeled, rigged and textured by me. I also lit and rendered the scene. 3DS Max
00:33 Trans Z Transformer Animation Exercise.  Robot designed, modeled, rigged and textured by me.  Vehicle models done by other people.  I also lit, rendered and did effects for the scene. 3DS Max
00:47 Attitude ProblemDialogue Acting Exercise.  Characters designed, modeled, rigged and textured by me. I also lit and rendered the scene.3DS Max
 Dog Has a Funny Look
Dialogue Acting Exercise.  Characters designed, modeled, rigged and textured by me. I also lit and rendered the scene. 3DS Max


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