Traditional Drawings

The traditional art work has my newest stuff at the top, older at the bottom
(I suggest skipping to the comic book stuff in the middle)

Spy Game Concept Art
The first time I've picked up a pencil in years (which is actually a little sad, but in my defense this computer stuff has been too fun).

Daredevil and Elektra
Painted by the amazing Adam Schimpf.  According to Schimpf this is the best drawing I've ever done.  Seeing how it was drawn six years ago, before I even went to art school, and I've drawn tons since then, that  kind of hurts a little. (Check out a photocopy of the penciled picture under Random Comic Sketches lower on the page).

Random Sketches
Some random pages from my last sketchbook

Random Pictures
AI made us do self portraits as a fruit or vegetable.  The film hand was another AI assignment, I forget why though.  The cast of Jerry Maguire on Oprah was an attempt to draw without the luxury of erasing (if you look carefully you'll notice Cruise has 3 eyes cause I messed up).  Pencil sketch of a deer. Last is the cover of my very first demo reel without color (I lost the colored version)

Art Institute Marker Pictures
AI made us use these crappy gray markers that I never really got the hang of, but they were a lot of work so I decided to show them here.  The Spidey picture is from Todd McFarlane's Spiderman comic that I just reproduced using the markers.  The second is my Triumvirate comic characters in marker form.  Last is me in front of the Lincoln memorial.

Teddy Animation Thumbnails
Just some thumbnails of the motion I wanted for my Teddy Bear Animation you can see here.

Quick Animation Studies
You know you've done this while watching a movie....hit slow motion and done quick sketches of the  Guess I'm a freak.  Anyways, I've got a sketchbook full of this stuff from gymnastics, martial arts movies, professional wrestling, animal documentaries, etc.  I posted a few here.

The Art Institute Era
Some life drawings and gestures done while going to art school.  All the stuff below this was done with no formal training.

Random Comic Sketches
Wonder Woman pulling a Superman-like quick change.  Some woman's face I drew that I just liked. DareDevil and Electra striking a pose.

WildC.A.T.s vs. Spawn
In an effort to break into the comic book business, I was going to solicit Image.  I never finished the pages though.

Colossus vs. The Hulk
In an effort to break into the comic book business, we solicit Marvel with a proposal for a "What If..." story that has an evil Colossus vs. The Incredible Hulk.  Although we did get an actual letter from an editor at Marvel, they still said "no thanks".  Check out the photocopy of the pencils I did before and after inks from Bill Renfro.

Triumvirate Issue #2
I don't remember the exact reasons why...but issue #2 never happened.  Here's the cover and a couple penciled pages from the book.  Inks on the cover were done by Bill Renfro.

Triumvirate Issue #1
In an effort to get some attention for our "failing to break into the comic book industry" comic book series.  I decided to full on "emulate" Todd McFarlane's comic book drawing style....and it actually got us printed and on the shelves!  I did the pencils, Inks were done by Bill Renfro and the Story was written by Chad Lewis.  Here is the cover and some of my favorite pages from the 24 page book.

Mutandis Character Sketches
Some sketch book pictures of the characters from the short-lived independent comic book series Mutandis.

Famous Faces
Some caricatures of celebrities I did.  See if you can guess who they are without reading the names of the pictures.

Mystery Science Theater 3000
Another attempt to get my artwork shown somewhere.  This time on TV for that Comedy Central show I loved so much.  The show was never the same after Joel left.

Spawn vs Spawn
A rare colored (with colored pencils) picture that I did trying to get it printed in the fan art section of Wizard magazine

Old school WWF characters
Some of my first real drawings that weren't just doodles on lined paper


  1. Absolutely amazing work. Just watched the human cell animation you did a while back I'm so freaking impressed with your work man. Absolutely freaking inspiring!

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