Thursday, November 29, 2007

One of the last things I did at Super 78 before I left was work on Grey Matter for the live action movie...

If you don't know what Ben 10 is, shame on you!  Watch more cartoons!  (it's about a boy who fights bad guys by becoming one of 10 different aliens by injecting himself with their DNA which is stored in his wristband (the Omnitrix).  Grey Matter is one of the aliens he turns into.)

Now, I'm not exactly unbiased, but I think Grey Matter steals the show (no offense to Lee Majors, he's great too, I sure don't want the Bionic Man to come after me).  Of course I recommend watching the whole film in high resolution on Cartoon Network, but if you can no longer catch a rebroadcast, you can check out my work on YouTube thanks to a Ben 10 fan.

I modeled Grey Matter and was responsible for his animation in the whole sequence with the exception of the morph scene at the very beginning.  Check it out...

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