Sunday, February 5, 2006

Alright kind of a big update this time.  Added a few new animations to the website.

Click on the pictures to go to my Animations Page where you can download the new animations.

My second 10 sec club animation.  The sound clip is from Singing In the Rain which I just watched for the first time.  It made me want to go stomp around in puddles...again ;)

I did my first ever animation for the 10 sec club animation website.  The sound clip was from Raising Arizona and the character is a free model for use in learning animation.  You can download the character for you own animations here (you'll need Maya to animate him).

I realized my website was getting a little cartoon heavy so I figured I needed to add some more "realistic" video game animations.  I finally got around to rendering this work I did for Realm Interactive.  I think the game is cancelled now so this is the only place you can see these.  Too bad, the game was looking really cool

Added the portion of the "FX Break on Through" animation I did for Autonomy to my animation page.  A rare chance for me to texture and light as well as model and animate.

Also added a new video to my list of live action transformers on the internet. You can check it out on the VW transformer webpage right here.

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