Tuesday, June 17, 2003

One Year Anniversary!!!

Alright so it's a couple weeks late but I've been pretty busy lately.  Anyways to celebrate I thought I would post a new version of an old animation.  For a while now people have been asking for an better quality version of the VW transformer, so here it is.  A near DVD quality version of the VW to celebrate it's one year on the web.

 MPG  ~4.7Megs

This is I version I did for my demo tape and it's slightly different from the original.  It's a huge 4.7 megs, so it's not as 56k friendly as the old 1.5 Meg one but it is much better resolution.  It also has new sound done by the amazing Tim Benson at Rainbow, so turn your speakers up really loud (especially if you have subwoofers).

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